Physical Digital Billboards

Our digital billboard service offers a dynamic and highly visible advertising solution that can effectively promote your business to a broad audience. With three flexible pricing tiers, we ensure that your message reaches thousands of potential customers every month, helping you drive brand awareness and engagement.


  • Wide Reach and High Visibility: With up to 690K impressions per month, your ads will capture the attention of a large and diverse audience, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand.

  • Flexible Pricing Tiers: Choose from Basic, Premium, or Enterprise plans to match your budget and advertising needs, allowing you to scale your campaign as your business grows.

  • Impactful and Engaging Ads: Digital billboards are visually compelling, offering vibrant and eye-catching displays that effectively convey your message and engage passersby.
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1 Location
Average 15K Displays Per Month
Average 150K Impressions Per Month
Low - Mid Tier Locations
normally $2999 $1500 monthly
1 Location
Average 35K Displays Per Month
Average 360K Impressions Per Month
Mid Tier Locations
normally $5999 $3750 monthly
1 Location
Average 65K Displays Per Month
Average 690K Impressions Per Month
Mid Tier Locations
normally $15,000 $7500 monthly
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