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Newsworthy Brand Engagement
Is your name on NBC, FOX, CBS, CW and other Top News Outlets?
What's new at your company? Our talented team of journalists can help you make it known. 
We help brands connect with the masses through the press, blogs, slideshows, infographics, podcasts, and videos.

We don't just write and send press releases here. 

We get to know your brand, your product, and your company culture, so we can inform the public on your brand mission, company journey, and major milestones.

Each announcement starts with a well researched press release. We follow that up with a first person blog for the company. Then create an audio podcast version of the announcement, along with a slideshow and infographic, then bring it all together with video!
Looking to establish a name for your business online? Whether you just opened your doors or you just opened another location, making sure your brand is as loud as the circus coming to town, is what we do here.
Done For You Research
Simple Opportunities
Fast Results
Low Hanging Fruit
Save Valuable Time
Your Visibility Ratings
Powerful Audio Ads Included
Specialized Local Video Ads
Consistent Growth In Google
Our Premium Press package includes everything in the impact press package, but with bigger distribution!

In addition to showing up on hundreds of major media networks, we also get your announcements listed in major online publications. 

These are sites with 8 figure traffic, like Reuters, Yahoo! Finance, AP, and other media powerhouses.

This creates an overnight 'expert' status with instant authority in your niche.
Do you want to leave a lasting impression? Your brand will be defined by what the public reads about it. With our Impact PRESS service, you are assured that your brand is being represented in the best way possible.
No Long Term Contracts
Build Rapid Trust Effortlessly
Save Time And Money
Focus On Increasing Revenue
Boost Results For Your Business
Tap Into More Traffic Sources

PR Services by Impact Platforms

If you’re looking for the very best in PR distribution, look no further.

At Impact Platforms, we work with big name news outlets and local media as well. Whether you just bought out a competitor or promoted an intern, Impact Platform’s team of skilled authors can help ensure that message resonates. When you sign up for the IMPACT PRESS service we get started telling the press about your milestones, events, and company culture so brand recognition is an easy accomplishment.

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