Advertising Services (PPC)

Get PPC that increases your qualified leads and sales.
PPC is a highly effective way to get your brand visible in the top search results on Google.
Why PPC Ads?
Did you know that almost 97% of people turn to online search when looking for products or services? Surveys have shown that around 75% of people believe that PPC ads make it easier for them to find what they are looking for without trawling through endless websites.

Imagine if your website was shown to even half of these people? This is where PPC comes in.

Google ads dominate the search engine results, and if your ad is seen by people searching for your products and services, you will dominate your competition.

Campaign Strategy

We start by creating a PPC campaign strategy that incorporates your goals. The campaign strategy is expertly designed to achieve optimal results. Often, the campaign strategy will extend further into required site optimizations to further support the PPC campaign, such as onsite content optimization, lead generation landing pages on your site, and more.

Keyword Research and Targeting

We conduct intensive keyword research that includes competitor research to ensure we are targeting keywords that will get you results and set you apart from your competition. The PPC campaign is always designed to advertise to qualified, relevant traffic and people looking for your business’s services and products

Continuous Performance Optimization

We are a data-driven agency, and we use real-time data and analytics to ensure that your PPC campaigns are always fully optimized and adaptable when required. After enough time collating data, we are able to determine which keywords to focus more strongly on and which ones to forgo. We also use Google Analytics to optimize your PPC campaign performance regularly.

Adaptable and Proactive

As part of our continuous monitoring, we adapt your campaign to find and capitalize on winning combinations. We rotate and test the Google ad copy until we can identify which ad copy is seeing the best results. This means that your PPC ads are always putting their best foot forward. It also allows us to scale your campaigns for the highest ROI.
Why Choose Impact Platforms for PPC
Impact Platforms is a full-service digital marketing agency. Our staff complement includes SEO and PPC experts who thrive on helping businesses succeed with paid advertising.
As a full-service internet marketing company, we can help you with your PPC campaigns and all your other digital marketing needs. If you have a great PPC campaign, that’s one thing; but you need a well-designed, mobile-friendly site optimized for SEO for your customers to land on.
As a one-stop shop, we can help you with every aspect of your digital marketing needs. If you need your site copy optimized to include search terms, or a landing page created that will convert site visitors into customers, we can do it all.

The Impact Platforms Difference

However experienced you are with pay-per-click advertising, we can help. Impact Platforms specializes in PPC services, whether you are completely new to PPC advertising or need help taking your campaigns to the next level.
Dedicated Account Manager

We offer our clients their own personal account manager who is there to answer any questions and to guide you through every service we provide.
Transparent Reporting

Growth and understanding go hand-in-hand. We make sure that our reporting is clear, honest, and easy to understand.

We share your objectives – to get maximum results with the most efficient cost input. All our PPC campaigns are ROI-driven.
Compelling Copy

Our team of copywriters is highly skilled in writing persuasive copy, written to bring across the right message and encourage clicks and conversions.

Run a PPC Campaign That Actually Works

Running a successful PPC campaign can be a minefield in this day and age. There are so many competitors out there and so many agencies offering their services. We know how overwhelming it can be, and are here to simplify the process.
Our goal is always to exceed our clients’ expectations, and we do this by delivering highly customized strategies to achieve incredible results.
Get in touch with us today and kick off your company’s growth journey.

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