Digital Marketing and SEO for Law Firms

As a one-stop digital marketing expert, we understand your law firm’s business needs. We can work with you to draw new clients, maintain existing ones, and build credibility in your market with your firm’s sound knowledge base in your area of expertise.

Why you Need SEO Management for Your Law Firm’s Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential aspect of marketing in an environment as competitive as the legal industry. Optimizing your law firm's online search visibility using our proven tools will increase your chances of drawing prospective clients.

With as many as 96% of those seeking legal advice using the Internet when looking for a law firm, it makes sense that you'd want your site at the top of their search engine results pages.

By implementing a law firm SEO strategy, you can improve your law firm's website visibility in terms of traffic and lead generation. Impact Platforms’ team of digital experts is uniquely positioned to provide tailormade SEO tactics.

Online Marketing Services for Lawyers

At Impact Platforms, we monitor and track all of your campaigns to analyze your website's search engine rankings and secure your ROI. This way, you know what to focus on and which areas of your digital marketing campaign need to be adjusted.

Take a look at some of the specialized services that Impact Platforms is able to provide to ensure that your digital marketing is poised for success:

Websites for Law Firms

Every successful law firm needs to establish a strong web presence. This is the foundation for any online marketing campaign.

A law firm website is more than simply a web page, however. Ultimately it is your first port of call for presenting your services to potential clients, and with suitable technical SEO, your company will have the digital launchpad needed to rocket in search engine rankings.

Our websites are built to meet the highest standards of SEO and performance optimization. Your site will perform better, read better, look better, and be capable of higher rankings.

Keyword Ranking Campaigns for Lawyers

Successful SEO marketing begins with identifying the relevant keywords, phrases, and even sentences that searchers may use when looking for legal services and pinpointing those that apply to your law firm's practice area. These may include "criminal defense lawyer" or "estate planning" or perhaps cover more complex keywords, such as "divorce attorneys for women."

We use keyword research, Google analytics, and advanced SEO campaigns to get your site the rankings and backlinks it needs. Our network of over 50,000 real domains from companies like yours is your secret weapon against your competitors and lack of digital visibility. We can quickly make your site relevant by having hundreds of real websites in the legal field link to your site with thoughtful, SEO-optimized blog content.

As an SEO company that specializes in law firm SEO services, Impact Platforms has the skill to get your firm on the search results page to attract the right kind of potential client.

Local SEO for Law Firms

The geographic location of your law firm also has a role to play in your digital marketing campaign. Local SEO for law firms is a necessary aspect since people invariably turn to local search results for legal advice. You'll find that Google Maps plays a role, as a Google search often presents firms near them.

We utilize advanced tools and years of expertise to intelligently post, respond, and nurture your Google Business listing to have it rank further and further from your office’s location. See your radius of influence expand with our transparent and in-depth tools that make your SEO efforts tangible.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can be an excellent way for a law firm to connect with potential clients and share useful information, so this needs to be incorporated into the attorney SEO process as well.

With the growing array of platforms available, it can be daunting to monitor and keep profiles up to date. Aside from the work involved, it's wise to target all which will draw organic traffic and provide additional benefits.

As with all our services, our Social Media Management is based on our years of experience and advanced tools to perfectly post, target, capture, and grow your social media presence, and by-and-large, your digital visibility.

Content Marketing

It is important that law firms are authorities in their field. Positioning yourself and your business as experts in your field is incredibly beneficial both for Google and your website.

The quality of your online reputation may depend on the high-quality content you produce. We use seasoned professionals to write your content and the most advanced AI tools to make sure that content not only appeals to potential clientele but Google and other search engines too.

Link Building for Legal Professionals

Link building is an excellent way of ensuring that your law firm appears on Google's organic search results. To do this, it's necessary to reach your target audience in multiple areas.

This can become quite complex, starting with profiles on legal directories, and extending to more interactive content, such as backlinks to podcasts, relevant web pages, and online reviews.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-per-click marketing is a great way for businesses to advertise their products and attract potential customers—especially with the right marketing strategy. Impact Platforms are experts at creating pay-per-click strategies that will help you succeed in this area.

Our experts have run dozens and dozens of successful PPC and Google ad campaigns for law firms and attorneys. Not only can we draw upon our extensive experience, but with the latest techniques and tools in the ad biz.

Affordable, only charged on click, and targeted, PPC might be right for your law firm.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Most law firm websites are designed to portray a professional image. However, this doesn't necessarily mean they serve their purpose effectively. Digital marketing analytics are essential to not only gauge how well marketing campaigns are doing but to be able to effectively tweak and improve them. This data can then be leveraged to improve SEO success rates and ROI.

Once your digital strategy is in play, you can monitor various ranking factors to make adjustments where necessary quickly. The specialist team at Impact Platforms is able to manage these processes and track your performance quickly, effectively, and, best of all, transparently to you.

A Law Firm SEO Company That Understands You
If yours is like most law firms, marketing and branding are integral to your business model, and law firm websites form part of this. Having a dedicated partnership with a lawyer SEO specialist who understands your needs can make you visible to the hundreds and thousands of people looking for your services online. Let Impact Platform be the SEO agency you partner with and get you in front of these clients!
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