Digital Marketing and SEO For Doctors

As a comprehensive digital marketing expert, Impact Platform understands your medical practice business needs. We can work with you to attract new patients online, appear in business listings, and grow credibility in your market with your sound knowledge base in your area of expertise. The key to this is implementing effective keyword research that will deliver SEO results and draw more website traffic than other sites in your field.

Why You Need SEO Management for Your Healthcare Practice

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of marketing in the healthcare business. HubSpot research shows that 78% of local search results result in purchases of online products. For medical practitioners, optimizing your medical practices' online search visibility using our proven tools will increase your chances of appearing in potential patients' Google search results.
By implementing an SEO campaign for your medical services, you can improve your healthcare website's visibility in traffic and lead generation. Impact Platforms’ team of digital experts is uniquely positioned to provide tailormade tactics that deliver SEO results.

Online Marketing Services for Healthcare Practices

At Impact Platforms, we track and monitor all your campaigns to analyze your website's search engine rankings and maximize your ROI. This way, you know where to focus and which areas of your digital campaign need to be refined.

Take a look at just a few of the specialized services that Impact Platforms provide to ensure that your healthcare business is poised for success:

Medical Websites

A successful medical practice needs to establish a strong web presence. Whether you need something as specific as marketing for plastic surgeons or more general marketing for healthcare providers, this is the foundation for any online marketing campaign.

A medical website is more than just a web page, however. If the site structure is correctly designed, pages are optimized for speed, content is written with medical SEO in mind, and the site is saturated with high-quality backlinks, you will have built an invaluable business asset that all your marketing activities will be based on.

Getting this right means your healthcare services will have the digital launchpad needed to rocket in search engine rankings. But with a top-notch website, you won't just land on the first page of prospective patients' search engine results but will ensure those visitors become new patients.

Our websites are built to optimal standards of SEO and performance optimizations. Designed with speed in mind, your site will perform better, look better, read better, and be capable of higher search rankings as it reaches more potential clients.

Keyword Research for Healthcare Marketing

Successfully planning SEO for doctors begins with identifying relevant keywords, phrases, and even sentences that potential clients may use when looking for healthcare services and pinpointing those that apply to your medical practice.

These may include "doctor" or "general practitioner" or perhaps cover more complex long tail keywords, such as "primary care for the elderly." If your practice requires SEO for surgeons, this would require a very different range for search queries to be effective than if you're marketing for doctors, for example.

To implement your medical SEO strategy, Impact Platforms use keyword research, Google analytics, and advanced SEO campaigns to get your site the Google relevancy and backlinks it needs. Our network of over 50,000 actual domains from professional firms like yours will be your secret weapon against competitors and poor digital visibility. We can rapidly make your site relevant by having hundreds of real websites in the healthcare industry link to your site with thoughtful, SEO-optimized blog content.

As an experienced authority specializing in creating medical websites, Impact Platforms has the skillset to quickly and efficiently increase your brand’s digital visibility with a true business asset instead of resorting to expensive and paid advertising that only temporarily boosts traffic.

User Experience

Impact Platforms does extensive market research to determine what customers want. We then improve your site depending on your consumers' actual needs and shopping behavior. We implement responsive web design by focusing on your site's functionality as well as its appearance, regardless of whether your consumers are shopping on their phones, tablets, or computers.

Local SEO for Healthcare Marketing

The geographic location of a healthcare practice also has a role to play in marketing for healthcare providers. Local SEO for medical practices is a necessary aspect since prospective patients invariably turn to local search results for relevant websites. You'll find that Google Maps often presents reputable sites near them, giving you a chance of you being their choice when it comes to primary care, if you’re visible to them, that is.

Impact Platforms utilize advanced tools and years of expertise to intelligently post, respond, and nurture your Google Business listing to have it rank increasingly further away from your practice’s location. See your radius of influence grow with our transparent and in-depth tools that make your local SEO efforts tangible.

Identifying Problems

The most prevalent issues on eCommerce websites are 404 errors, 302 (temporary) redirects, and duplicate content. To guarantee that your consumers are sent to the correct page, our team efficiently redirects all 404 and 301 errors. We also replace duplicate content, duplicate title tags, and duplicate meta descriptions with unique, search engine optimized copy.

Content Marketing

Medical professionals must be authorities in their field. Positioning yourself and your medical practice as experts in healthcare services is incredibly beneficial in terms of medical search engine optimization.

The quality of your online stature may depend on the high-quality content you deliver. We use seasoned professionals to write your content and the most advanced AI tools to ensure that content not only appeals to new patients but also appears in Google's search results and other search engine results pages.

Link Building for SEO Rankings

Link building is an excellent way of ensuring that your medical website appears on Google's organic search results. To do this, it's essential to reach your target audience in multiple areas other than your own website.

This can become quite complicated, starting with profiles on healthcare marketing directories, and expanding to more interactive content, such as backlinks to podcasts, other sites, and online reviews.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-per-click marketing is a great way for medical practices to advertise their products and attract new patients—especially with the right SEO strategy. Impact Platforms are skilled at creating pay-per-click strategies to help you succeed in this area.

Our experts have run dozens and dozens of flourishing PPC and Google ad campaigns for medical practices. Not only do we draw upon our considerable experience, but also the latest techniques and tools in the ad industry.

Affordable, only charged when the ad is clicked, and targeted only to those interested, PPC might be right for your SEO strategy to supplement website traffic.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Most medical websites are designed to portray a caring yet professional image. However, design is not enough. Making sure visitors on your site find your page engaging and interactive means the difference between a new client and just another web visitor. Ensuring your page is built with high-performing sales funnels is vital to building your business asset.

Impact Platforms uses the latest and most advanced tracking and reporting tools to ever-increasingly perfect your site's conversion rates. Digital marketing analytics are essential to not only measure how well marketing campaigns are performing but to adjust and improve them effectively. This data can then be effectively leveraged to improve SEO success rates as well as ROI.

Once your strategy is in play, you can observe various ranking factors that affect Google's algorithms to make adjustments where needed quickly. The specialist team at Impact Platforms is able to supervise these processes and track your performance efficiently, effectively, and, best of all, transparently to you.

A Healthcare SEO Company that Understands You
Like most medical practices, marketing and branding are essential to your business model, and a medical website forms the basis of this. Having an established partnership with a specialist who understands SEO for doctors can make you visible to the hundreds and thousands of people looking for your services online every month.

Let Impact Platforms be the SEO agency you partner with to put you in front of these new patients

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