Digital Marketing for Political Candidates

We're passionate about supporting political candidates and helping campaigns maximize online reach with their voter base.

Web Design and SEO for Politicians

From aspiring municipal council members to congressional prospects, we work with a diverse group of candidates from both sides of the aisle.

Each of our campaign websites is tailored to the candidate and their message. 

However, we've discovered several key methods that are advantageous to any campaign, across all platforms.

Eye-Catching Design

Whether you're running for mayor, congress, or any other political position, your website should represent the personality of your campaign.

We collaborate with you to select colors, textures, fonts, and pictures that complement your messaging and campaign brand.

We pride ourselves on building our clients a website that is not only eye-catching but user-friendly and engaging for your site visitors.

Our sites are driven by user-friendly content management systems that make it easy for campaign employees to change material, add media, and issue press releases—regardless of technical skill.

SEO for Political Campaigns

It doesn't matter how amazing a website is if people can't find it. We incorporate top-tier SEO features such as effective metadata, simplified URLs, and analytics tracking to help your site rank well and generate organic visitors over time.

We ensure that your website is optimized for search engines in every way with keyword target content and links from other relevant sites w/ Impact Search.

Your site will load quickly, contain value add content, and meet all back-end requirements to ensure SEO success and top rankings for your target keywords!

We're Committed to Helping Your Campaign Succeed

At Impact Platforms, the success of your campaign matters to us. We take the time to understand your core values and campaign messaging in order to develop a digital marketing strategy that will allow your campaign efforts to capture your audience in the online space.
Our goal is to support and bolster your campaign and help you reach a wider audience.

We Start With Strategy

Great achievements need meticulous planning.

We help you achieve your objectives through intensive strategy, analytics research, UX design, information architecture planning, and other services.

All our work for you will start with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes a rollout plan and a set of objectives. 

You will always know what we are doing, and why, and how you can support the online marketing strategy with your offline activities.

We use our years of expertise in digital campaign strategy to develop solutions that will set your campaign apart from the rest.
Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns
The greatest political campaign websites go above and beyond with interactive and informative elements.
Engage Visitors
Every campaign website must capture readers' attention right away. Creating a powerful visual story that starts on your site is a wonderful way to achieve this. Strategic video messages, ambient video, and dynamic calls-to-action are all common ways we help our political customers engage with casual supporters and committed advocates alike.
Highlight Key Concerns
Your website is an opportunity to reiterate your campaign message. What are the main concerns you will address? How will you achieve your goals? By taking the time to explain your message, objectives, and action plan, your visitors will better understand what motivates you as a politician. It's also a terrific chance to explain details that you might not have time to discuss throughout your campaign.
Encourage Donations
The most effective and engaging political campaign websites are powerful instruments for raising funds. By including calls-to-action and visible buttons across your site, we'll make it simple for your fans to donate. Most importantly, we're set up to work with a variety of third-party contribution providers that make every transaction secure and simple.
Share Important News
We know how quickly things in political campaigns can move and change. Your supporters will want to know what's going on at all times. Many of our clients use a PR, News or Media area on their site to provide campaign updates, featured articles, and blog pieces. We will work with you to determine the best approach to keep your supporters informed.
Cultivate Cross-Platform Support
In this increasingly digital age, social media has an indisputable role in generating support for elections and politicians. By integrating custom feed connections and social sharing buttons into your new site, we'll help you make the most of your platforms. Supporters will be able to follow, like, and share information about your campaign throughout the election season.
Putting Together a Strong Team
It takes a community to run a successful political campaign. We know that team unity is crucial to establishing the professionalism of your campaign. We will set up email accounts for your team that are hosted on your website's domain.
Build Your Winning Website With Impact Platforms
Whatever your requirements, our in-house team of designers, developers, and strategists are up to the task. Impact Platforms will build you a winning website that will fortify and enhance your campaign efforts.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you with your online marketing campaign.

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