Digital Marketing and SEO for Podcasts

Grow your audience with a results-driven podcast marketing company
There are no growth hacks here—just tried-and-trusted methods for getting awesome podcasts to the ears of the people that need to hear them.

Podcast Marketing That Works

It takes time to produce a high-quality podcast. Creating high-value, binge-worthy, and shareable content is your top priority.

To achieve the return on investment you need from your podcast, it must reach your target audience, which can only be accomplished by consistent, systemized advertising.

The difficulty is that well-written show notes and blog entries, SEO, social postings, influencer outreach, newsletter copy, effective cross-platform distribution, and targeted ad campaigns require just as much (if not more) work as actually creating the podcast!

Let Impact Platforms market your podcast using our results-driven methods and techniques so that your listeners can find it right away.

Our Podcast Marketing Services
Multi-Channel Strategy
We guarantee that every base is regularly covered for each and every episode of your podcast using our proven methodology and devoted staff of writers, content marketers, and ad specialists.
Fully Managed Campaigns
We help podcasters who want to build their listenership do so through a combination of cross-promotional agreements, sponsorship arrangements, programmatic ad campaigns, and SEO for podcasts.
Growth Consulting
We're not a one-size-fits-all ad purchasing business. Based on your aims and goals, we'll develop a comprehensive strategy for you to implement. Or we can implement it for you. We are here to help you grow your podcast audience.
ROI-Driven Campaigns
We can customize a campaign to meet your goals, whether they are top-of-funnel lead generation, brand recognition, consumer education, or any other goal you have. We are committed to ensuring that your marketing investment sees great ROI.
The Most Effective Way to Grow Your Audience- Programmatic Ads
Paid social media marketing just doesn't cut it when it comes to podcast marketing.

Paid social ads may be an inexpensive way to get people to listen to your podcast and visit your website. However, as we've experienced firsthand, transforming those casual clicks into long-term subscribers is extremely difficult.

The number of downloads spikes briefly after you run a Facebook ad but then plummets once the campaign is over.

A better option is to use programmatic advertisements.
As a specialized podcast marketing company, we focus on reaching your audience in the perfect place–when they're listening to podcasts!

We will help you create engaging, custom 30-second adverts about your podcast and work with our partner networks to place those ads in precisely selected shows that cater to the same demographic as your target audience.

What's the end result? With appropriate material, you reach out to self-selected podcast listeners. All of this happens at a time when they are already using the medium in which you wish to interact with them.

Your advertisements attract new listeners who are in the right place at the right time—at a moment when they're already listening to their favorite show on their podcast app.

Work With a Digital Marketing Agency That Knows Your Market
Here at Impact Platforms, we take your business's success as seriously as you do. Whether you are a niche market podcast wanting a refined audience or want to grow your podcast to a wider demographic, we can help you.

We take the time to understand the nuances of your podcast and your growth goals and objectives. We have a wealth of experience doing marketing and SEO for podcasts, and would love to help you grow your podcast listenership.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you!
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