Web Design and SEO for eCommerce

Whatever your online shop's needs, we can help. We offer custom programming, integration, and extensive plugins and functionality.
Impact Platforms is an expert eCommerce web design company specializing in building online stores and getting eCommerce sites to the top search results on Google.

Our eCommerce website building and SEO services are designed to help you succeed online.

eCommerce Web Design and Development Services

The basis of any online retail business is a strong eCommerce website. Impact Platforms recognizes the value of leveraging cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to optimize profits.

Our eCommerce solutions are flexible yet entirely tailored to your business and provide the finest features and functionality.

Our team creates fully customized eCommerce capabilities, integration with ERP systems, data collection from different sources, and a customized solution to fit your brand and eCommerce objectives.

Our Podcast Marketing Services
Boost Online Sales Across All Devices
Boost your sales with a responsive eCommerce website designed to work on desktops, tablets, and smartphones
eCommerce Websites Created with Speed in Mind
Lightning-fast websites that allow visitors to travel from browsing to checkout in seconds, thanks to the newest technology and standards.
Robust Features and Functionality
We've got you covered on everything from fundamental eCommerce capabilities to advanced product selections, characteristics, and filters. We don't turn down any requests for features or integrations.
Customized eCommerce Website Solutions
We are proud to offer bespoke eCommerce website design with limitless features and intricate functionality to bring innovative ideas to life.
Customized eCommerce Website Templates
We don't utilize templates at Impact Platforms. We create a website that is tailored to your brand, vision, and requirements.
Bespoke eCommerce Functionality
Our in-house programming team can provide bespoke functions to make your site more user-friendly and manageable.

SEO for eCommerce Websites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) offers eCommerce businesses a long-term strategy for growing their business and increasing onsite traffic and income.

As an expert eCommerce SEO company, we can help your site get to the top of the search results for your most important keywords.

At Impact Platforms, we use a variety of eCommerce-specific SEO techniques to help you achieve the organic growth you desire.

We treat each client as a unique entity, and will create a customized SEO strategy for your eCommerce store using a range of different techniques

Targeted Keyword Research

We use highly relevant and localized keywords carefully across your site to communicate its primary function to search engines. The more precise the term, the more likely a search will result in a sale. Our keyword use not only helps search engines trust your website but also helps it start ranking higher. We never use black hat SEO strategies such as keyword stuffing, ensuring that search engines do not punish your website.

Blog Content

Blog content is an excellent way to build internal connections throughout your site while also providing valuable, authoritative content to your customers on a regular basis. Our team will also include strong calls to action in your blog articles to guide visitors to other sections of your site, raising your CRO and improving your click-through rate.

User Experience

Impact Platforms does extensive market research to determine what customers want. We then improve your site depending on your consumers' actual needs and shopping behavior. We implement responsive web design by focusing on your site's functionality as well as its appearance, regardless of whether your consumers are shopping on their phones, tablets, or computers.


Developing favorable relationships with high-authority websites and obtaining inbound links helps your site gain a valuable SEO edge. Our outreach team communicates with industry-relevant content writers and creates high-quality text for third-party websites. We can assure a diversified link profile and start developing content that ultimately goes back to your website through natural linking.

Identifying Problems

The most prevalent issues on eCommerce websites are 404 errors, 302 (temporary) redirects, and duplicate content. To guarantee that your consumers are sent to the correct page, our team efficiently redirects all 404 and 301 errors. We also replace duplicate content, duplicate title tags, and duplicate meta descriptions with unique, search engine optimized copy.

Ongoing Keyword Research

Keyword research is a continuous process, especially because customer requirements change over time, and keeping up with a growing industry is critical. Staying aware of fresh keyword prospects as your site grows in value and popularity ensures long-term success.
Choose Impact Platforms For Your eCommerce Needs
Impact Platforms is an experienced eCommerce web design company specializing in SEO and all your eCommerce marketing needs.

If you want more qualified visits to your online store and ultimately, more customers, you've come to the right place.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our eCommerce digital marketing solutions.

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